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You might think that buying secondhand and vintage clothing can be a way to save money or get a great outfit for a costume party.

It can be, but delve deeper, and there’s more vintage and secondhand clothing than that.

For people in Brisbane seeking quality secondhand and vintage clothing, Empire Revival is a great place to explore.

sixties vintage fashion
Like you just walked off a ’60s film set…


Vintage clothing is generally defined as quality clothing that is over 20 years old. It can be from a specific era or in a particular style, but generally, it is the age factor that counts.

Some also see the origin of the clothing items as important. They state that it must come from a well-known designer of the specific era for clothing to be an ‘authentic’ vintage item.

There is some debate around that point as quality, stylish, old clothing doesn’t necessarily bear a designer label. We also know that certain secondhand clothing items – or pre-owned clothing – not over 20 years old are also sought after. For us, it is genuinely about the quality of the article, ensuring it has a particular style from a specific era or that it is indeed timeless.

If the piece speaks to your style and it’s a quality piece, don’t worry about the lack of a label. Add it to your wardrobe — you won’t regret it.


There’s an undeniable aesthetic appeal to some vintage clothing items, and more and more, we also come to see that fashion is cyclical. What was fashionable 50 years ago can come into fashion again today.

Usually, the trends that make a comeback reflect a specific style or era and may also carry a certain nostalgia.

Fashion trends that have, at one point, made a comeback include:

  • High waisted mom jeans
  • Corduroy
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Flared pants
  • Denim
  • Bum bags
  • Puffy sleeves
  • Fuzzy sweaters
  • Halter tops
  • Fit and flare dresses
  • Poodle skirts
  • Cardigans
  • Polka dots
  • Gingham
  • and much more
vintage dress and sunglasses
Fabulous vintage dress and sunglasses.


Variety, individuality, and, surprisingly, new – those are some of the reasons vintage and secondhand fashion appeals to many people.

You may question the “new” in the list, but it does make sense. It is “new” when you see a vintage fashion item you haven’t seen before, or it has never been paired with that or worn like this before. This, of course, ties into variety and individuality.

While some will find appeal in the fact they can wear what’s on-trend, with a genuine vintage article others find joy in exploring their own style and creating their own look.

Japanese inspired fashion
Japanese-inspired outfit paired with a mix of costume and genuine deco jewellery.

Vintage clothing allows you to pair quality older pieces with modern fashion pieces to create unique looks that people won’t be able to recreate by visiting a department store.

There are no rules, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

gentlemen looks
Be a gentleman of significance – or at the very least, look as though you are one!

Nostalgia can play a big part in how vintage clothing appeals to some people as well. You may have fond memories of shopping for new clothes when you were growing up. You may remember some of the pieces and try to seek them out again. Or it may be about paying tribute to the fashions of your parents or grandparents.

Who hasn’t gone through an old family photo album, looked at the clothing, and thought, “Yeah, I could pull that off”?

Hunting down and seeking out these pieces you recognise is a wonderful way to go back in time and be part of fashion history.

theatre disco fashion
Out to the theatre or the disco, we can get you ready!


‘Fast Fashion’ has undoubtedly had a beating in the press over the last few years. And in part, it’s for a good reason. The resources and the waste resulting from this throw-away mentality are astounding. It is estimated that fast fashion produces over 92 million tonnes of waste each year. And let’s not forget the 79 trillion litres of water consumed to create the textiles used.

classic formal fashion
You can’t go wrong with a classic formal look like this one.

“But I will just donate the clothes when I am done with them. Surely that means they won’t go to waste?”

It’s a noble thought, but most fast fashion is simply not made to last. Likely, it won’t have durability in terms of holding its shape, colour fastness, or even staying stitched up. It will probably end up in a landfill even if donated to a worthy cause.

That’s why choosing to invest in classic vintage fashion pieces or quality secondhand items is the best thing we can do for the environment. The pieces have already stood the test of time in terms of style and durability. They will survive a lot longer than that fast-fashion piece and reward your investment over the long term.

after hours fashion
For when you are off the clock… but still want to make an impression!
hat fashion
A hat for each of your soirees and events!


For people in Brisbane seeking quality vintage and secondhand clothing, Empire Revival is a great place to explore.

Come in and explore our selection soon.