In the vibrant world of contemporary art, a realm exists where discarded fragments are lovingly transformed into exquisite relics.

Loft Gallery at Empire Revival, Paddington
30 June to 31 August

Within this transformative space, the Loft Gallery proudly welcomes manufacturer/artist Zach Briggs and his exhibition, “Wrecks to Relics.” 

From June 30th to August 31st, visitors will embark on a mesmerising journey through time and imagination as Zach’s masterful creations unfold within the gallery’s walls.

Lighting and homewares creations by Zach Briggs
Zach transforms aeronautical wrecks into what he aptly describes as relics. He takes something that would have been wasted and turns it into masterful pieces with a history attached.

Zach Briggs has captivated audiences with his extraordinary ability to resurrect forgotten remnants and breathe new, functional life into them. With an impeccable eye for detail and an unmatched skill in repurposing salvaged materials, he blurs the boundaries between art and storytelling, imbuing each work with an engaging narrative.

Zach masterfully repurposes discarded aircraft and aviation paraphernalia into furniture, homewares, and art to create sustainable products with meaning and help preserve Australian aviation history.

As simple bottle opener created from aeronautical discards.
From simple bottle openers…

“Wrecks to Relics” represents Zach’s dedication to his craft and passion. Zach served 12 years in the Air Force and, upon discharge, went and studied industrial design at Griffith University. 

He then started using his skills and knowledge to create furniture from scrap aircraft in his garage shed. He quickly realised it was a rewarding experience. Giving aircraft a new purpose saved them from being scrapped, so he has now dedicated himself to this transformation full-time.

Unique office tables and desks are also part of Zach's repertoire.
… to full-sized tables and other furniture pieces, Zach makes the best use of the materials he rescues.

This exhibition celebrates transformation and the inherent beauty found in decay. Zach’s artistic philosophy shines through in his ability to uncover the hidden potential within objects deemed obsolete or forgotten.

Through Zach’s unique ability to infuse discarded relics with new narratives, he challenges us to reconsider our perceptions of beauty and the potential for redemption within the discarded and forgotten. “Wrecks to Relics” reminds us that beauty can be found even amid wrecks and ruin, and relics can rise anew.

Zach Briggs: Wrecks to Relics
Loft Gallery at Empire Revival, Paddington
30 June to 31 August