In a corner of Empire Revival in Paddington, amongst an array of antiques, homewares, collectables, vintage clothing, and furniture , lies a haven for enthusiasts of the rugged and rustic. Welcome to Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. Here, amidst the scent of aged wood and the charm of yesteryear, Mikey Hilburger curates a collection that celebrates the essence of blokey treasures, each item a testament to his passion for the bygone era.

Mikey Hilburger’s Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. shop at Empire Revival in Paddington is a treasure trove of vintage tools, signs. and the odd. Perfect for making a home unique.

A Journey Through Time

Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. isn’t your ordinary shop; it’s a tribute to craftsmanship and nostalgia. “We love blokey stuff,” Mikey grins, “axes, tools, signs, advertising, basically anything cool and different for your shed or mancave.” But there’s more to our lumberjack than just tools; he takes us on a journey through time. His space is a treasure trove of vintage finds waiting to be discovered.

Craftmanship and Nostalgia

Mikey’s love for the hunt is evident in every corner of his shop. “We love the hunt, so all of our treasures are found by us and sourced locally,” he explains. Among their prized possessions are beautifully restored vintage axes, each one meticulously cleaned, sharpened, and re-handled in a traditional manner, without the aid of power tools. Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. also houses a medley of garagenalia, signs, tools, tins, and the occasional toy, each item telling its own story of a bygone era.

A vintage sign and number plate wall at Mikey’s shop in Empire Revival.

Creating Atmosphere

What sets the shop apart is its unique blend of themes and styles. “I guess our name says it all – axes, saws and traditional hand tools mixed in with some very eclectic decorator pieces,” Mikey says.

Stepping into Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. feels like stepping back in time, thanks to Mikey’s ingenuity in recreating the ambiance of an old shearers’ shed or workshop. “I wanted customers to feel like they were going back in time,” he says, describing the walls adorned with reclaimed wood, original red oxide iron sheets, and potato sacks from the local greengrocer.

Inspired Treasure Hunting

But what inspired Mikey to embark on this journey? “A deep interest in axes and generally anything made by a farmer or convict,” he says, “and the need to fill my desire to be a modern-day treasure hunter!” 

With over 20 years of collecting experience and a background in photography, Mikey’s transition to a full-time treasure hunter seemed inevitable.

The Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. shop is perfect for rummaging through to find just the right piece for your home, or a unique gift for someone treasured.

Crafting Cherished Moments

Mikey cherishes the moments when his finds find their rightful homes. “My favourite moments are when an item I’ve found, finds its proper home,” he reflects. Recently, a customer’s emotional connection to an axe reminded Mikey of the power of nostalgia. “He bought my axe, not to use, but to hang on the wall, to remember his dad, and to pass on to his son as an heirloom,” Mikey recalls, a smile tugging at his lips.

The Future for Vintage Tools

Looking ahead, Mikey is excited about the expansion of Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. “I’m thrilled to now have a second space in The Emporium in Kalbar,” he announces. With more space comes more opportunities to showcase rustic furniture and big old stuff.

The Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. now has a presence at The Emporium in Kalbar south of Brisbane as well.

As for the future, Mikey’s goals are clear: to continue unearthing special pieces that can slide into just about any interior or exterior aesthetic. “My goals are to keep finding those unique, one-off pieces,” he affirms, “that feel at home in a cluttered work shed or minimalist house looking for a statement piece.”

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice treasure hunter, Urban Lumberjack Tool Co. invites you to embark on a journey through time, where every item has a story to tell, and every corner holds a hidden gem. And if you’re in need of an axe restoration service or expert appraisal, Mikey and his team are more than happy to assist.

In the world of Urban Lumberjack Tool Co., every visit is an adventure, every find a triumph, and every customer a fellow enthusiast in the pursuit of timeless treasures.