Delving into the realms of symbolism, ritual, and repetition, DvR’s explorative approach to artistry, characterised by intricate layering and diverse compositional arrangements, pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic expressions.

Loft Gallery at Empire Revival, Paddington 1 June to 30 June The Loft Gallery is thrilled to present Dream [version] Reality [Extras and Prototypes], a captivating exhibition by Brisbane-based artist DvR. DvR’s art encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including synthetic polymer, pigment, ink, acrylic, lost pages, and spray paint. Through meticulous experimentation and reimagining of repeated motifs, DvR creates a body of work that invites viewers into a world where dreams and reality intertwine.
DvR has meticulously crafted this collection, which comprises a range of captivating pieces, including prints, t-shirts, and pins. Each artwork within the exhibition carries the artist’s signature style, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of the sacred and the profane through a mesmerising visual narrative.
The Loft Gallery is honoured to host Dream [version] Reality [Extras and Prototypes] from June 1st to June 30th. As you step into the gallery, be prepared to immerse yourself in DvR’s visionary world, where layers of meaning intertwine with vibrant colours and intricate details. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore the artist’s experimental journey and witness the evolution of their craft.
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Don’t miss this enthralling exhibition. DvR: Dream [version] Reality [Extras and Prototypes] Loft Gallery at Empire Revival, Paddington 1 June to 30 June