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Hosting boutique exhibits and experiences

Empire Revival, Paddington

Empire Revival is well known as a collective space. A number of diverse and eclectic businesses come together to offer a vast range of everything from antiques and collectibles to homewares, jewellery, and clothing. 

Our Loft Gallery at Empire Revival enables us to join with the artist community in a meaningful way to host boutique exhibitions. This is a space where fabulous local artists exhibit their work which is available for your purchase. Discover something new each time you visit! Ask one of our friendly staff to guide you there.

The foyer space at Empire Revival has also been home to a variety of displays and exhibitions. Each month we pick a different merchant and exhibit their work right where you first lay eyes in the store. This always gives rise to some interesting and eclectic displays which are sure to catch your eye when you wander in the front door.

Loft Gallery Exhibitions

DvR: Dream [version] Reality [Extras and Prototypes]
1 June to 30 June 2023

DvR’s collection delves into the realms of symbolism, ritual, and repetition. His explorative approach to artistry, characterised by intricate layering and diverse compositional arrangements, pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic expressions..


Zach Briggs: Wrecks to Relics
30 June to 31 August 2023

Zach Briggs transforms discarded aircraft and aviation paraphernalia into remarkable furniture, homewares and household items.


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The Emporium Experience

The Emporium in Kalbar is a space of quite different collaborations. The emphasis is on handmade and sustainable.

The displays are the work of owner, Suzy Baines, with other creatives invited to present their own take at varying times.

Step inside to see what new works are featured and the range of different collections.

The Emporium

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