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Housed in one of Brisbane’s most iconic buildings, we are a unique boutique department store offering a distinctive range of jewellery, fashion, furniture and homewares. Whether you are looking for the perfect ring, table, chair, dress, tea set, light or small collectable, you will find it at ER. Every day our expert staff help discerning people to ‘find their style’.

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Look at us now…
Look at us now…

Empire Revival is the reinvention of the iconic Paddington Antique Centre. PAC is the oldest surviving antique centre in Australia. When PAC was founded in 1985, the company focussed on carrying a wide range of…

2018—Things to Remember and Celebrate
2018—Things to Remember and Celebrate

So, what’s special about 2018 and what do we have to look forward to? Well, it’s the Chinese Year of the Dog; the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI; and the 50th anniversary of…

Art Deco for the Modern Homemaker
Art Deco for the Modern Homemaker

Has there ever been a time that people haven’t loved Art Deco? Since it originated as a decorating style in the 20s its appeal has barely diminished. Today it is more popular than ever and…

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Anything from industrial lighting, lockers, workbenches, filing cabinets and pigeon holes, clocks, vintage signs, vintage warehouse furniture – we consider anything you’d like to send us photos of

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